Windsor Towers

Not my work, I’m not that clever. Robin Hindson I’m sure you will have many opportunities to show your skills over the next few years

Windsor Towers AGM

As usual it was a very busy meeting and not the most pleasant way to spend an evening. The motion 6.18 feasibility Study and Concept Package for WT was announced as “Out of Order” based on legal advice received.After some nail biting moments, and assistance from the chair of the meeting, the motion was rewritten….

Windsor Towers Building Options Committee

Busy Busy week. We had our second Windsor Towers Building Options Committee meeting on Thursday. Both John Colliere and Joe Muscara came to the meeting to answer questions from the committee. A Very positive meeting. Minutes will be posted later.One member of the committee was missing in action, Edward Wu we wish you a speedy…

Marilena Bartole an owner from WT asked the question

a question about how any redevelopment of the property immediately in front of WT on the Esplanade might affect WT?Will the new City of Perth planning instruments allow them to build higher? Response from Generis: In the new activity centre plan they are restricted to 14.5m so technically 4 stories which would not affect the…

Zoom Videos

The zoom videos are now available. If you would like a copy then please email me. If you were not at the meeting then I suggest that you would love to see them