Innova Air Conditioners

The air conditioners presented at the AGM have been accepted as suitable for Windsor Towers. Currently The architect is drawing up platelets of where the air conditioners can be installed in each tower. Watch this space for further information. Beating the heat…..Making Windsor Towers a Great Place to Live.

Latest News

A few people from the building progress committee met with the building developer today and are excited by some of the initial design concepts being talked about including: one option allowed for balconies to be skipped if you don’t want one (no need to pay for a balcony if you don’t want one). – prefabrication…

Web Site name changed

The name of the web site will be changed form Windsor Towers Balcony to Windsor Towers Times. This is to reflect the change of focus from Balconies to a holistic approach to the upgrade of the entire building.

The Future of Balconies

At the AGM it was voted to postpone the vote on balconies to enable the committee to research some alternative options. Currently the committee are talking with a builder about doing a complete renovation on the building incorporating all the capital works at the same time as the balcony. From the discussions so far it…

AGM 13th October

Hello Everyone just a quick note to advice that the AGM has been called for 13th October. AND YES we will have the opportunity to vote for balconies at that meeting. I am currently overseas returning to Windsor Towers on Tuesday 20th September. I will be available to chat or answer some questions you may…


Since the meeting with Mr John McGrath South Perth State Representative I have spoken with his office with regard to the article (see below)  which appeared in the West Australian Friday January 8th 2016 which highlighted some of the proposed changes to The Strata Titles Act. I have been informed by his office that they…

Proposed Strata Law Changes -Interesting reading

The changes, which are to be delivered by the State Land Information Authority, Landgate, are a response to a growing population and an increase in strata titles, which now comprise one-third of new lots in WA. “By 2031, WA will be home to more than 3.5 million people and we need to prepare for the…

Owners Concern

Statement: Sorry but I won’t be suing my fellow man to force them to do something they don’t want to do. Answer: As a committee we would like to apologise if we have given the impression that there is any intention of causing duress to owners at Windsor Towers. Our intention as a Balcony Committee is to…

New Year

Happy 2016 everyone. Lets hope this year will be known as the year of the balcony.


Proposed Balcony Specifications added 20/12/15 press here


Some committee members met with the John  McGrath our local member of parliament to discuss modifying the Strata Title Act in Western Australia to align with New South Wales and Victoria. Press here to view the follow up correspondence.